Naxos – a beautiful Greek island for families with children

Located in the heart of the Cycladic archipelago, the Greek island of Naxos is one of the best islands for family holidays.This island offers vacationers a variety of family activities, many historical sites and attractions, as well as large and clean beaches that are suitable for families with young children.

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Popular holiday destination on the island of Naxos is Chora, the island’s capital. Restaurants and shops are located opposite the harbor, making it an ideal place for a quiet evening stroll, which can continue to the Temple of Apollo, located at the end of the road on a beautiful location, which offers a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape.

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Resting in Chora, be sure to visit the area of ​​Burgos, famous for its shops and restaurants. Over this beautiful area overlooks the Venetian castle that hosts the Archaeological Museum. Your children will be quite interesting to visit this museum, as well as the Venetian museum, which recreates the feel of the aristocratic Venetian home.
Also located on site choirs have several playgrounds, including one located near the beach of Saint George. Be sure to rent a car or take a bus that crosses the island to see some of the small villages on the territory mow. You will be surprised when you see how much fun your kids will enjoy a stroll through the countryside and the attention of local residents.
All children enjoy hiking in the water park, then why not visit the water park, located just 10 minutes drive from Chora?The water park has swimming pools, children’s playground, restaurant, water slides and other attractions.
We can say that Naxos has the best beaches Cycladic archipelago for families. Among them are 4 – Saint George Beach, the beach of St. Procopius, St. Anne Beach and Plaka. Located a few minutes walk from the center of the main town of Naxos, Saint George Beach, stunningly beautiful and ideal for families with very young children. Beach St. Procopius is located 5 kilometers away from the city center and is an ideal option from June to September, when the beach of St. George is too busy. You can get to the beach by bus, which departs from the center of Chora. It is likely that the beach of St. Procopius is the most beautiful beach of the island. St. Anne’s Beach is another beautiful sandy beach which is ideal for small children. The quietest and least developed of the four beaches is the beach of Plaka, which is perfect for those looking for a relaxing stay.

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One of the best hotels in Naxos, which are popular for family holidays, is a great hotel Nissaki Beach Club, located on the beach of St. George. The hotel has a swimming pool, a restaurant located on the beach, bar, sun terrace and hot tub. Rooms are decorated in a minimalist style and feature satellite TV, a private balcony, a minibar and a bathroom, which has all the necessary toiletries. Guests can enjoy free parking and get free access to Wi-Fi. After a preliminary agreement allowed pets, this service is free.





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