Weekend in Grenoble what to do and where to stay

Most travelers are familiar with Grenoble on the road to the ski resorts of the French and not giving this beautiful city proper attention, but in Grenoble should spend at least a weekend.
Located in Grenoble in the south-eastern part of France for more than 2,000 years. Until 1349 the town belonged to the territory of the Roman Empire, and after the land bought in France. In our time on the territory of Grenoble live a little more than 150,000 people.

Economic development of the region contributed to the development of factories for the manufacture of paper, and, oddly enough, the First World War, during which, opened a large number of chemical plants and hydroelectric facilities.
infrastructure of the city has developed significantly during the Winter Olympic Games in 1968, appeared in Grenoble new roads, areas, ski resorts and its own airport. At the moment, Grenoble considered scientific center of the country, there are universities teach physics, applied mathematics and computer science.
Grenoble can get to three airports: the airport Grenoble-Isère accepted charters various European airlines, airport Lyon-Saint Exupéry accepted international flights among them are Russian, you can also use the Geneva airport, which receives flights from all over the world.
Grenoble main attraction is considered mountain Bastille. It is situated in the city center and from the top you can see the entire city and its surroundings, climbing the mountain by one of the first cable cars in the world. Gore is famous for its ancient fortifications and elegant restaurant with panoramic city views.
Near Bastille mountain town’s museum, one of the biggest museums all over the country as well as Europe as a whole.Museum guests will be interesting to see the large collection of paintings and various artifacts from ancient Rome, ancient Greece and Egypt.

More visitors to the city will be interesting to visit the Museum of Archaeology of the town of Saint-Laurent and the Palace of the Parliament of Dauphiné, whose construction began in 1478. Lovers of art Stendhal can safely go to the street Jean-Jaques Rousseau and look for a house at number 14, this is where he spent the first seven years of his life a famous writer.
Grenoble on site there is a large number of different hotels, but we recommend that you stay at best, it Hotels Grand Hotel Grenoble Centre and Park Hotel Grenoble.

Grand Hotel Grenoble Centre

this wonderful luxury hotel located in the heart of Grenoble and is ideal for exploring the old part of it. Helpful staff will do everything necessary to ensure that your stay was perfect. The elegant rooms have private bathrooms, stocked mini-bar, a modern TV with satellite channels and have access to free Wi-Fi. At the hotel’s bar Le Stendhal, a ballroom and a business center. The hotel is pet friendly, and for an extra charge parking.


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Park Hotel Grenoble by MGallery

elegant hotel with a great location. Is this hotel near the center of Grenoble, near the picturesque park Paul Mistral. In large modern rooms have satellite TV, free mini-bar and air conditioning. The reception is open around the clock and the friendly staff can help guests with express check and currency exchange. Services include food delivery, press and drinks to guests’ rooms, as well as laundry and dry cleaning. For a surcharge, guests can use the hotel’s public car park, which is located at a location nearby. Breakfast in the value of the booking is not included.


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