Must see in Rome : The Vatican Museums

While vacationing in Rome, try to dedicate one day to visit the Vatican Museums, because the size of these museums is huge, and art collection, which is stored in the museums, considered the largest in the world.

Vatican Museums-1
Total list of the Vatican Museums includes Gregorian Etruscan Museum, the Pio Cristiano Museum Chiaramonti, the Historical Museum, the Ethnological Missionary Museum, Vatican Library, Vatican Collection Pinakothek and modern religious art.
Directly at the Papal Palace is the Sistine Chapel and the chapel Niccolini, Borgia Apartments , Raphael Stanzas and galleries candelabra, maps and gallery Arazzi.
At the palace is a museum of Innocent VIII and Clement Pius Gregorian Egyptian Museum.
The museum Pio Cristiano taken works of art that belong to early Christianity were found in the Roman catacombs. The collection includes a variety of sarcophagi, some of whom are Sabina sarcophagus sarcophagus Two Brothers and Drama sarcophagus.

Vatican Museums 5

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