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If during your holiday you got acquainted with Athens and their sights, then take a few days to a fascinating tour of the Greek islands, located near Athens, or take a tour of the attractive Greek cities. Within a few hours from Athens is four wonderful island: cosmopolitan Spetses, Hydra lovely pine Poros and Aegina noisy.

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Visit three stunning Greek islands of Hydra, Poros and Aegina in one day during a cruise review. On each of these magnificent Greek islands you will have free time to visit the shops and cafes of each island. After meeting with your guide in the center of Athens you head to an air-conditioned bus to the port of Piraeus, where to begin your cruise, which will be the first installation of Poros island, located about two hours drive from Athens. When you arrive at Poros, the smallest of the three islands, you will have an hour of free time to walk around this nice island, during which you can visit the Russian shipyard, which is considered a historical monument and learn about the cooperation of Greece with the Russian Army in the 18 – century. Poros island is characterized by woodland with lemon and orange trees, as well as the island is decorated with beautiful windmills and waterfalls. Once your return to the ship you will enjoy views of the Mediterranean, while the staff of the ship will cover a delicious Greek dinner. After a 1-hour journey you will arrive at the port of the island of Hydra, whose amphitheater once served as a safe haven for Saronic Pirates. Located near the island of Spetses, Hydra, assumed to be known because of its spectacular scenery, charming narrow lanes and houses that are witnessing the long and turbulent history of the island. Your guide will show you the best shops and cafes of the island, and then you will have about 2 hours of free time to yourself to explore this beautiful island. After returning to the ship, you can enjoy traditional Greek snacks or relax on the deck of a ship, while he will keep the route to the last stop of the cruise, the beautiful island of Aegina. Upon arrival at the island of Aegina, you can join the tour at Temple Aphaia or yourself walk around the main town of the island. Local sights and relax in one of the most popular cafes Aegina. Travel back to the Athenian port takes approximately one hour and along its length, you can see traditional Greek folk show. After the arrival of the ship in Piraeus you will go to the center of Athens, where the outcome of this fascinating tour.

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Details of the trip can be viewed here .
Inspect intriguing monuments of Greece, located in the cities of Epidavros, Mycenae, Olympia and Delphi, and visit the famous monasteries are located on the cliffs of Meteora. Throughout this tour you will see important archaeological sites in Greece and examine the most important relics of the Archaeological Museum of Delphi as you visit the monasteries of Meteora, where you can immerse yourself in Greek history. Throughout the tour, you’ll have plenty of free time to explore the world-famous archaeological sites. The first stop will happen in the Corinth Canal, after examining you go on a walking tour of the ancient city of Mycenae. After lunch at Mycenae, the tour will continue to Epidaurus, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The second day will be devoted to the village of Olympia, which hosted the very first Olympic Games, and in the afternoon you will go on to explore the city Navpaktos.The third day is dedicated to the city of Delphi, where you check the interesting archaeological museum. During the fourth day of the tour you will visit the incredible Monastery, perched on the cliff of Meteora.

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Details of the four-day trip can be seen here .

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