The best hotels in Hurghada Egypt

Located on the west coast of the Red Sea, Hurghada region, in Egypt is a collection of cosmopolitan resorts that are famous for the beautiful crystal clear waters, golden beaches and the high temperature that lasts for a whole year.

Surrounded by the Red Sea coast of Hurghada, a popular destination among families and young couples as the region attracts diving enthusiasts for its abundance of excellent places for diving and relaxing atmosphere. Hurghada boasts a huge choice of different places to stay, some of which are quite attractive options.

If you want to relax in top hotels in Hurghada, then pay attention to the hotels La Residence des Cascades and Radisson Blu Resort Quseir, according traveler reviews they are among the best in Hurghada.

Tourism in the best hotels in Hurghada
Located in the popular year-round resort town of Soma Bay on Egypt’s Red Sea coast, Hotel La residence des Cascades has been created as a special hotel to stay for golfers, as well as for visitors and residents a good thalassotherapy center and a wellness center.

Situated on the highest point of the Soma Bay Peninsula, with panoramic sea views. La Residence des Cascades has a huge golf course, as well as one of the largest and most important centers of thalassotherapy in the world that works in cooperation with the French thalassotherapy center located in Saint-Malo.

Red Sea known throughout the world for its abundance of marine life and good visibility, but when it comes to scuba diving, the resort offers all the necessary conditions for both beginners and advanced divers.

Located directly off the coast of the Red Sea, the hotel has some of the best dive sites that can be found in the resort, as well as on site created ideal conditions for windsurfing.





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