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Beautiful scenery and quaint caves attract many people of different nationalities for an unforgettable vacation in Cappadocia. Lunar landscape of Cappadocia familiar to most people from the photographs, television programs and travel to Turkey, but nothing can really prepare visitors for the first trip to Cappadocia. Located deep in Anatolia, this region offers an amazing surreal landscape and adventure tourism.
One of the most bizarre landscapes that you will ever see in the National Park of Goreme in Cappadocia. The whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but the houses in this outdoor museum is still inhabited. A feature of this park are its fabulous cliffs and valleys, resembling the moon’s surface. The first settlers were Goreme Christian exiles who cut down their homes and churches into the rock, and in the Middle Ages Goreme became an important religious center with many churches, monasteries and chapels. The most important churches are: the Church of St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Church and the Church of Elmali Tokali.

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The little town of Avanos, located in Cappadocia, famous for the production of red pottery, which began with the Hittites and is still ongoing. This is a lovely old town on the banks of the longest river of the Turkish, Kyzylrmak, and here is where you can buy the best ceramic souvenirs.
In Cappadocia there are about a hundred underground cities, but not all of them are open to visitors, the largest underground city that you can visit is the city of Kaymakli. The city consists of eight levels, four of which are available: on the first level is stable, the second was a church, the third level was used as a kitchen and a place to store food reserves. Residents of the city are still using some levels as storerooms.

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If you want to see the fascinating natural and archaeological wonders of Cappadocia, you can take part in the survey day tour of Cappadocia. Throughout the day tour you will see the interesting rock formations and valleys Devrent Pasabag, ruins of rock-hewn churches in the Open Air Museum in Goreme, and visit a master class on making pottery in Avanos. Number of participants is limited to trips, to each participant could receive individual attention, and in the tour price includes transfer from and to your accommodation and dinner.

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Details of a day trip can be seen here .
Interesting way to explore the stunning landscape of Cappadocia tour is considered a balloon. Before the flight, you will lay a breakfast, and then you can watch as your experienced team inflates the balloon, where you go up by as much as 300 meters. During the flight over the valleys of Cappadocia, you can enjoy panoramic views of the volcanic landscape of the region and learn interesting information about Cappadocia from your pilot. There are two kinds of excursions, the first one-hour hot-air balloon is 20 people, and the second lasts 1.5 hours, and together with you will be a total of 12 people.

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Details balloon flight can be seen here .
If you want to see inside the lives of local residents and learn Turkish traditions and customs, it is ideal for you 4-hour tour dedicated to the culture and food of Cappadocia. Throughout the tour you will visit the village of Ivan and meet with the locals and taste wonderful regional dishes. Meeting with the village Ayvali start on the local market, after which you go for a walk in the village, during which you may well be invited for a cup of tea in the home of local residents.Also you can visit the venue of rural men and try traditional Turkish coffee. After you will be invited to one of the houses of the village, where, under the direction of the guide you will learn how to prepare authentic Turkish delicacies.Before returning to your hotel, you will be taken to the wine cellar, which try to present wine Cappadocia.

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