What to do in Santorini

Santorini Island is a major tourist destination in Greece and its use can be called a life dream of quite a few people. The island is known for its impressive caldera, luxury resorts, romantic sunsets and the volcano is also believed that this island is included in the list of the best places to travel around the world.
Amazing Cycladic villages were built on the edge of the caldera and travelers from different points of the earth come to see these villages and breathtaking views of the sea, which opens with the height of the island.
We have prepared for you a small list of activities that will help you organize a fun holiday on Santorini.

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Explore this beautiful island for a private tour, during which you will visit the capital of Santorini and Oia romantic city, and your guide will tell you interesting stories about the island and show you the best of its attractions. The tour starts with a visit to Akrotiri archaeological site, which is often compared to Pompeii. Akrotiri ruins date back to 2000 BC. e.and you marvel at the remains of the three-story buildings and beautiful pottery found during excavations. After your journey will pass through the beautiful countryside of the island to the town of Oia, located in the northern part of Santorini. You will enjoy stunning views of the caldera and the sea, as well as the beauty of the city and be able to photograph panoramic views of Santorini and the Aegean Sea. The next stop of your tour will be attractive capital of Santorini, where you can explore its small shops and admire the traditional Cycladic architecture.

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Take a short break from the beaches of Santorini and explore its ancient capital, Minoan excavations of Akrotiri village and enjoy the famous sunset of Oia for a day trip, accompanied by a friendly local guide. This tour begins with a study of Minoan excavations, after which you will have free time to stroll through the picturesque village of Pyrgos, which is the ancient capital of Santorini and the perfect place for an unforgettable day. You’ll have plenty of free time to see the beautiful church near the town and its Venetian castle, and enjoy lunch in a traditional tavern. The last stop will be a city tour Oia, where you accompanied by his guide climb to the ruins of the ancient Venetian castle, known as Castro Oia from which enjoy an amazing sunset.

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Lazing on Santorini, one can not visit his volcano. Visit the volcano accompanied by an experienced local guide who will tell you all about the history of this 3000-year-old famous volcano. Air bus will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the port of the island, where you will go by boat to the volcano. After walking around the crater of the volcano, you will have free time for swimming in natural pools that were created after the eruption and have healing abilities to treat skin and bone diseases.

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Try a traditional Santorini wine over a four-wine tour of the island. During this tour you will visit as many as three traditional wineries and try 12 different types of local wines and learn about the unique viticulture Santorini island, which produces most of the wine in the Mediterranean. You will walk through the beautiful vineyards, explore the cellars of wineries and enjoy the local delicacies that will accompany the wine tasting.

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