Relax on the fabulous island of Ikaria

Named after Icarus, fabulously beautiful island of Ikaria island is also often called centenarians, because on average the residents of this island live 10 years longer than the rest of the inhabitants of Europe. They say that this contributes to a measured way of life of local residents, the fresh air, as well as local wine.
Ikaria is a pretty awesome place to spend a relaxed holiday – its incredible beaches with golden sand and crystalline water, and a relaxing atmosphere on this island attracts travelers from different points of the earth.

Отдых на сказочно-красивом острове Икария-1Ikaria is one of the greenest and most beautiful islands of the Aegean Sea, and although this island can boast of tourist infrastructure on its territory has everything you could need for a fun vacation. There are all conditions for water sports, a variety of shops, offices for rental cars, hotels and apartments, as well as an abundance of bars, traditional tavernas and cafes.
Only a small part of the local inhabitants live off tourism, others earn a living by working in the field of agriculture and fishing industry. Income residents also relies on production of the famous Icarian wine that has been known since ancient times.
Capital of the island is the village of Agios Kirikos, which is home to 1,800 permanent residents. The village is located on the southeastern side of the island and its founders were sailors who built the first house 300 years ago. Be sure to take a stroll through this beautiful village where you will see beautiful neoclassical buildings and picturesque narrow Ulichka central square surrounded by small shops and cafes. On the territory of the village you will also find plenty of bars, cafes and an abundance of apartments, as well as several hotels.
One of the most beautiful seaside villages is the fishing village of Ikaria Armenistis, which is characterized by a traditional island style. The village was home to only 70 residents but her beauty has made this village’s largest tourist destination, which is famous for its authentic and relaxed atmosphere. On the territory of the village there is a small port, the beautiful church of Agios Nikolaos and many beautiful beaches.

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Another popular tourist destination is the village of Evdilos, built in 1830. Residing in the territory of the village of 500 residents, most of whom earn their living fishing. This village consists of traditional mansions, neoclassical buildings and scenic byways, as well as beautiful gardens, cafes and excellent tavernas.

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Lazing on Ikaria, be sure to visit the archaeological museum and the villages of Agios Kyrikos KAMPOS, Evangelistrias Monastery, ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to Artemis, and thermal springs of the island. Also worthy of attention fortress Koskinen Munde monastery and the beautiful beaches of the island, among which the most popular are the beaches of Livadi, Messakti, Nas and Pharos.
To stay on the island of Ikaria recommend that you pay attention to the hotel Erofili Beach Hotel, located on the territory of the village of Armenistis, near beaches and Messakti Livadi. On the territory of this intimate hotel offers rooms will be fully equipped with air conditioning, mini-bar, TV and a private balcony, and a bathroom. Guests can also relax on the sun terrace, take a refreshing dip in the outdoor pool or walk down to the sandy beach, hot tub and enjoy a cocktail in the hotel bar. Adjacent to the hotel provides free parking, and throughout the hotel offers free Wi-Fi.





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From the port of Ikaria sent ships to the islands of Kos, Samos, Patmos, Naxos and Kalymnos, so you can connect to the rest of Ikaria visit to any of these islands. If you are interested in staying on the island of Kos, read the article “The famous Greek island of Kos.”

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