Holidays in Mykonos

Arriving at Mykonos, you will immediately understand why this island is one of the most popular islands Cycladic archipelago. Mykonos is known as a cosmopolitan tourist destination among the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea.
The best months to visit Mykonos are May and June, as July and August, the island is crowded with tourists, and prices rise sharply, because July and August are the peak tourist season.Holidays in Mykonos-4

Mykonos is also a popular stop for sightseeing cruise ships that pass along the Greek islands. Almost all cruise ships stop at the new port, and only some use the old port.
One of the most popular cruise excursions is the 7-day trip to the Greek islands, which begins on the island of Santorini and Mykonos ends. During this cruise, you’ll travel by small boat and get a unique opportunity to explore the enchanting islands scattered throughout the Aegean, such as Santorini, Ios, Amorgos, Naxos, Mykonos and less famous but no less beautiful island koufonissi, Heraclius, and Shinusa Donousa. The tour price includes breakfast and dinner on board and overnight in a cozy cabin yachts, dinner separately in Greek tavern each of the islands. This tour is ideal for those who want to see the beauty of the stunning near the capital of Santorini, sunbathing on the beaches of the volcanic island of Santorini Caldera see, explore the shops and the old town of Ios, and visit its beach bars, see the ancient Minoan settlement and windmills Amorgos , visit the beautiful and almost deserted islands and Shinusa Donousa and stroll along the sandy beaches and olive groves, the largest of the Cycladic islands of Greece, the island of Naxos, which has a rich mythological history. You can also find the Archaeological Museum of Naxos, walk along its medieval streets, where a large number of historic mansions, churches and monuments, as well as get acquainted with the island’s beautiful beaches. If you want to learn more about the culture of the island of Naxos, you can join a day trip around the island, during which you will visit one of the oldest temples in Greece – Temple of Demeter, and after lunch at the family tavern, located in the mountains. The last stop of the cruise takes place in the port of Mykonos.

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Details of the cruise can be seen here .
Arriving on the island, take part in a private tour of the island, during which the private guide will show you the best places in Mykonos and tell you interesting historical facts and mythological stories associated with this beautiful Greek island. Throughout the tour you will explore the narrow streets of the old town and Little Venice, visit the church and monastery of Panagia Paraportiani Panagia Tourliani, and then will have free time to swim at the beach Kalafati.

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Details of the private tour you can see here .
Visit the world famous archaeological site, located on a small island of Delos, which is located near the island of Mykonos. This island is included in the list of protected World Heritage Site and you have a great opportunity to explore the archaeological sites of the island and visit the Terrace of Lions, the House of Dionysos and the Archaeological Museum of Delos. During a walking tour around the island you can visit the ancient market, Sacred Lake, majestic ancient theater and the Temple of Isis Delos. Delos is the birthplace of the Greek gods Apollo and Artemis, and the journey to the island is not only exciting, but also somewhat mythical.

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Details excursions to Delos can be seen here .

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