Holidays on the Greek island of Tinos

Located in the northern part of the Greek Cyclades, Tinos is ideal for a relaxing family holiday. His calm sandy beaches surrounded by excellent small hotels and traditional tavernas and villages of the island, located in the inner part of it, is famous for its picturesque architecture. The most characteristic village of the island is the village of Pyrgos, which is famous for producing beautiful marble products.

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This island is not just a favorite and a popular destination for holiday Greeks, but plays a special role in their lives, because its territory is the church of Panagia, receiving thousands of pilgrims throughout the year, especially August 15, the day that celebrates the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.

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On the island you will find more than 40 small picturesque villages, more than 700 churches and monasteries and a huge number of beautiful sandy beaches. Unknown to most foreign tourists, Tinos attracts mostly Greek pilgrims whose purpose is to touch on the amazing healing symbol of the Virgin Mary, found in 1822, the year. Held annually on the island two religious pilgrimage – August 15 and 25 March, during which thousands of Greek Orthodox pilgrims climb on their knees from the harbor to the church to ask for the protection of the Virgin Mary.
But the amazing island of Tinos island is not only a religious faith, but also and the island of art – some of the most important artists of Greece were born here, such as painters and Nikolaos Gizis Nikiforos Lytras and sculptors Voulgaris and Halepas.
Tinos is a very interesting place to visit, you can endlessly enjoy its unspoiled architecture, beautiful beaches, picturesque villages, traditional culture and pace of life that is characteristic of this island. Tinos is the ideal place for lovers of architecture, art and tradition, nature and relaxation.

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While vacationing on the island, be sure to visit the Museum of marble products, Museum of sculptor Halepa, Pyrgos village, famous pigeon like small fortresses, and, of course, the church of Panagia.
Wanting to help you to choose the most comfortable hotel on the island of Tinos, we have prepared a small overview of two wonderful hotels that are very popular among the Greeks, and among immigrants.
Flawless luxury hotel Cavos situated in Agios Sostis and provides each of its guests comfortable rooms and suites, decorated in an elegant style, with views of the sea. All apartments feature a kitchen, refrigerator, a stove, a private bathroom, which includes a hairdryer and a set of necessary cosmetic accessories, coffee maker, air conditioning and TV. There is also a recreation area, in which there is free access to Wi-Fi, satellite TV and comfortable sofas. It offers free parking will also, cooling drinks cocktail bar and delicious meals prepared by our chefs working at the hotel, and the hotel management will provide you with a free shuttle.






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Amazing hotel Tinos Beach Hotel provides luxury offers comfortable rooms equipped with modern amenities for a relaxing stay, such as air conditioning, television, mini bar and private balcony with sea views. The hotel has a children’s playground, sun terrace, free parking, an outdoor pool and a gift shop. The hotel staff can arrange a free shuttle service for an extra charge to help you with car rental and provide beauty services, and concierge services. This hotel also offers a private beach area, and after a preliminary inquiry in the hotel restaurant offers dietary menu.





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