Holidays in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the most easily accessible of a vacation for our compatriots, and its territory has everything you need to satisfy all the wishes of even the most demanding tourists. Located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria is a beautiful country is one of the oldest European countries, because the roots of its history, go to 681-year n. e. thus resting in Bulgaria, you will find numerous historical and cultural monuments and a variety of attractions.

1Relatively small area of the country will allow you to just a couple of hours to escape from the bustling big cities and enjoy the tranquility of traditional small villages where the locals will amaze you with its friendly welcome and traditional taverns ever steal your heart with their delicious dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients and homemade cheeses.


Bulgaria’s capital, and its cultural and political center is Sofia – the largest city in the country with a population of 2 million people. Sofia is a real modern European city with neat parks, wide boulevards, interesting museums and galleries, theaters, restaurants, numerous night clubs and discos, as well as the beautiful Vitosha National Park, which overlooks the city. This natural monument is the perfect place for those who want to escape from the noise of the city and spend the millionth time in their peace and quiet green park.


The second largest city of Plovdiv is a historic city which is famous for its architectural monuments of Byzantine and Roman civilizations, while lanes and houses of the old part of the city are ideal examples of architecture in Plovdiv for the Revival of the 19th century.
Major cities of the Bulgarian coast are Varna and Burgas, common qualities of these two cities are extensive facilities for water sports, many museums and theaters, as well as holding various festivals and plenty of entertainment for tourists. On the territory of Varna is a cosmopolitan largest and most beautiful public park in Bulgaria – Sea Garden, where you will find numerous cafes and restaurants, as well as the zoo and dolphinarium. Varna beaches are renowned for their fine sand and clean, warm water, and tourists vacationing in Varna, love to spend their nights in noisy clubs, which can not boast of the neighboring resorts.


Bourgas is the fourth largest city in Bulgaria and one of the most popular coastal resorts. This resort is ideal for relaxing walks along the tree-lined avenues, for sleepless nights in urban clubs and sunbathing on its many golden beaches. Be sure to stroll through the pedestrian streets, located in the resort town, where you will find many fantastic landmarks, beautiful churches and traditional houses. If you love music, the ideal month for a holiday in Burgas is in August, when the central beach town hosts an annual music festival.


While vacationing in Bulgaria in the summer, be sure to visit the three biggest water park country located in Nessebar Aqua Paradise, Aquapolis, which is located near the Golden Sands resort and waterpark Action Aqua, located in the eastern part of Sunny Beach.
Particular attention should be paid to the kitchen in this country, which is a mixture of Turkish, Greek and Slavic cuisines. Be sure to try a cold soup tarator salad Sheppard and Bulgarian white cheese which is baked with tomatoes and eggs, and also try other traditional dishes Bulgaria, such as kebapche, kavarma and siskebab.

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