The historic city of Athens

The historic city of Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece. Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom and courage, he was the most developed city of ancient Greece.

The historic city of Athens 2

Athens is the birthplace of democracy, theater and Western civilization and cultural wealth of the city and its history is evident in its architecture. Columns of the Parthenon, which towers over the city, give travelers a glimpse of the architectural excellence of Athens and the symbol of classical architecture is one of the main reasons for the high interest of tourists to Athens. Travel around the city is a must for lovers of history and archeology, and nature lovers will appreciate the picturesque scenery of this beautiful city.

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In Athens, sunny and warm all year round, so the city can be visited at any time of the year, but most tourists prefer to come to Athens in the spring and autumn, when the temperature has risen, but the city is not too hot as can be in August. Visiting Athens in August, you’ll not only walk under the scorching sun, but will not be able to catch the real rhythm of life of this city, because in August, leaving most of the locals outside the city.
History of Athens began more than 3,000 years ago, when the first inhabitants of the city have established their settlement on the hill of the Acropolis. It took several hundred years and the sacred mountain of the Acropolis gained its share of the glory in the golden age of Pericles, when its slopes was the construction of many historical monuments, among which the most famous is the Parthenon. Throughout its history, Athens and lived glory days of the fall and finally in 1834 became the capital of Greece, mainly due to the geographical location and historical significance of the city.

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Since then, Athens became the city as he is known to the world, and important European financial capital, which is a great success was able to organize the Olympic Games in 2004. Over the past 20 years Athens infrastructure was developed and expanded quite rapidly in the city, new roads, a new airport was built and conducted new subway lines, as well as new tram lines and new w / d line. In Athens there were huge shopping centers and stadiums, and the port of Piraeus has become one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean Sea.

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The distance between the main historical sites of Athens and very little walk in the city is the best way to get acquainted with Athens. Of course, you can not explore Athens for one or two days, if you do not want to go home with a pair of photographs of the Acropolis and for this you will need at least one week.
The city has many museums, exhibition centers, concert halls, nightclubs and restaurants. Be sure to stroll through the flea market in Monastiraki, visit the historic district of Psiri, climb the highest hill of Lycabettus and the city do not miss the opportunity to sunbathe on the beaches of Glyfada and Vouliagmeni, and to stay in note hotel Royal Olympic, located in the ancient district of Plaka.

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