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Meeting with a pretty city of Montpellier should start after reading its history and attractions list. In Montpellier free to go lovers different activities like active and beach, as well as sightseeing and gastronomic.

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Montpellier is located in southern France at a distance of 10 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea. The population is about 250 000 people, representatives of various nationalities, mostly French, Italians and Arabs. Source of income for residents of the city and its environs, is a work in various enterprises of economic activity, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Also, the city’s economy depends on tourism and wineries in the region, which is quite a lot.
Montpellier began to gain fame as early as the 10th century, because there was a very popular spice trade, still in the local markets have a huge selection of different spices from different corners of the Earth.
reach in Montpellier Airport from Russia you can transfer in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Copenhagen. More in Montpellier can be reached by train from Lyon, Paris and other French cities south and by car on motorway A9.
The city well together modern neighborhoods and historic buildings of 10-13 centuries. Otpravitelnoy base for exploring the area considered Montpellier Place de la Comédie, the center of which are the symbols of the city – the Opera House and the statue of the Three Graces. In the quarter L’Ecusson be interesting to see the remains of the ancient architecture of the city, here once housed walls that protected the city from attack, now in their place, there are only two ancient towers of La Tour de La Babot and La Tour des Pins. Staying in the old town, visit the cathedral church of St. Peter and a small convent.

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Be sure to visit the Botanical Garden of the city, it was he who served as a model during the creation of the European botanical gardens. Works with garden in 1593 and it is possible to visit every day except Monday.
Notice and museums Montpellier Fabre Museum, Museum of Atget, Museum of Old Montpellier and Anatomical Museum.
When visiting any restaurant of the city, be sure to try the famous Roquefort cheese, it is this part of the country, is considered his homeland. Also try the variety of local wines and try to get on a tour of the nearby wineries.
At the city and its environs is more than a hundred different hotels, we recommend the two best:

Hotel Domaine de Verchant

This fantastic 5-star hotel is located in the former old mansion, close to town. The modern rooms have flat-screen TV and free internet. On-site wellness center which offers services of a professional masseur, Turkish bath and sauna.More hotel has two swimming pools, tennis court, terrace, garden and an excellent restaurant. The hotel has private parking, which is free.


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Hotel Pullman Montpellier Antigone

this superb luxury hotel in the historical part of the city. Hotel rooms are quite large and also a separate bathroom, have access to free internet and air conditioning. The hotel has a wonderful restaurant Le Vertigo, which specializes in local cuisine, and two cozy bars. The hotel has an outdoor pool with sundeck, business center, banquet hall and gym.The hotel has private parking for the use of which requires a surcharge, also in the price of accommodation does not include breakfast.


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