Excellent Greek island of Andros

The Greek island of Andros is one of the most popular places to spend the weekend for the Athenians, as it is quite close to Athens. This attractive island with a rich history, beautiful architecture, incredible beaches and green landscape you should definitely like.

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The combination of white and blue flowers, windmills and traditional Cycladic architectural elements give this island unforgettable beauty and deep gorges, olive and orange groves and vineyards complement this picture. 
Due to its proximity to the second most important port of Athens, the island of Andros became a favorite place for a weekend and summer recreation Athenians, and the friendliness of its inhabitants adds another plus to this island to choose for your stay. 
This island belongs to the Cyclades archipelago and offers a lovely traditional villages, some of which are located high in the mountains, and others built according to the traditional style of an amphitheater. Excellent capital of the island is characterized by a combination of Venetian and Cycladic style architecture and walking around this beautiful city, you will notice the elegant mansions and several fine churches. On the island there is a large number of beautiful beaches, some of them have umbrellas, chairs and traditional taverns, while others are ideal for relaxing alone with your loved one.

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Top tourist destination is the village of Batz island, which boasts of having the golden sandy beaches, as well as the main port of Andros. Before becoming the largest resort island of Batz was a simple fishing village, but picturesque harbor, hidden coves and beautiful sandy beaches, as well as the charm of the place took its toll and began to attract the territory of the village more and more travelers. 
The city has everything what you need for a good holiday: a place for nightlife, hotels, rent rooms, bank, car rental agencies and motorcycles and many traditional taverns, restaurants and shops. 
Our team decided to help you with the choice of property on the island and prepared for you a small description two beautiful hotels Andros. 
chic five-star boutique hotel Micra Agglia is within walking distance of the Museum of Modern Art and the famous beaches of the island. This neoclassical hotel provides each of its stylish guest rooms, which have access to free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, TV and a luxurious bathroom, which has a range of cosmetic accessories. It offers will also be wine cellar that holds foreign and Greek wines, and a restaurant serving delicious Greek cuisine. All guests can enjoy free private parking and a tour desk, luggage storage, safe and get a car rental service.

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Small resort Mare E Vista – Epaminondas luxury hotel is near the main beach resort village of Batz and provides services to its guests comfortable rooms and elegant suites, with their own furnished veranda, air conditioning, television and a set of necessary cosmetic accessories. The hotel has a swimming pool, playground, sun terrace and free parking. The hotel has a tour desk, a restaurant and cocktail bar.

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