Bulgaria vacations best places to visit

Bulgaria vacations to visit this year. Check out these photos for more inspiration

bulgaria-vacations-best-places-to-visit-1The village of Leshten, Bulgaria

bulgaria-vacations-best-places-to-visitSo you’re planning to visit Bulgaria soon? Great, because you are going to have an amazing time. However, Bulgaria is one of the most undiscovered and unpopular countries to travel. That’s why you need to be prepared and what better way to learn about a destination than from the local experts. Check out what some of the best local travel bloggers say about the most important things you need to know before visiting Bulgaria.

bulgaria-vacations-best-places-to-visit-2Discovering Sofia: An Eastern European Jewel | http://farmboyandcitygirl.com/destinations/europe/bulgaria/sofia/discovering-sofia-an-eastern-european-jewel/

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