Three beautiful Greek Islands – Shinusa Donousa and Iraklia

Three beautiful Greek skeleton Shinusa, Donousa and Iraklia belong to the group of Small Cyclades island.
Serene and natural beauty of the island Shinusa sure to enchant everyone who ever gets to the island in search of a secluded place to relax from busy city life. Traditional Greek way of life, beautiful beaches and charming villages is only part of what you like on this island.
The island’s population has only 206 residents, and the main cities of the island is Chora and Messaria. Chora is the capital of this great island and it is based pirates who stayed here between their attacks. Among the beaches on the island be sure to visit the secluded Almyros beach, this beautiful beach has no any modern amenities, so please bring water and an umbrella for protection from the sun.


Donousa Island is a fantastic place for total relaxation and relaxation. This small island is located between the islands of Naxos and Amorgos and live on its territory only 130 permanent residents. Donousa can be called an ideal destination for those who love nature and long sandy beaches, which can boast of this beautiful island.
The most famous beaches are beaches Donousa Livadi, Vathi Limenari, Kendros and Stavros. According to Greek mythology, it is the Donousa god Dionysus married Ariadne after Theseus abandoned her on the island of Naxos. In ancient times, the island was a place of exile for the Romans, and in the Middle Ages, the cave of the island served as a refuge for pirates.
The first tourists visited Donousa in the 1980s, it was then begun tourist development of the island. In our days on the island there are several cafes, traditional tavernas, hotels and rooms for rent, in short, everything you need for a comfortable, but at the same time, relaxing holiday. Local attractions note beautiful churches, caves and islands archaeological sites.


Iraklia tiny island attracts its visitors with the traditional style and architecture, tranquil lifestyle, natural beauty and clean atmosphere. The number of permanent residents of the island is less than 150 people, but in the summer the island is filled with vacationers and you need to book in advance a room or hotel room. The most famous beach of the island is spectacular sandy beach of Livadi, but on the island there are many other equally beautiful beaches and secluded coves.


The main towns are Iraklia Agios Georgios, which is the main port of the island and the town of Panagia, located in the center of the island. Both towns are characterized by traditional architecture and measured way of life, but of Agios Georgios is more popular among visitors, this is due to the presence on its territory of traditional fish taverns and a larger number of apartments and rooms for rent.
To stay on the island Iraklia recommend that you pay attention to the cozy Villa Zografos, which is close to the popular beach of Livadi. The elegant rooms have private furnished balcony with views of the island Shinusa, coffee making facilities, kettle, TV, free access to Wi-Fi, air conditioning and refrigerator, and a private bathroom. All guests can use for free the villa’s kitchen and parking space. The owners will help you with booking tickets, arranging excursions and provide free shuttle service.





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