Beautiful Greek island of Paros

Greek island of Paros is one of the most popular islands of the Cyclades. Located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, this beautiful island is ideal for relaxing young people, for families and for romantic vacation or honeymoon. Young people will love the nightlife and beach bars of Paros, families will enjoy safe sandy beaches sloping entrance to the sea and traditional tavernas located on the coast, and romantic couples will always remember this island and its relaxed atmosphere.

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Traditional island city Lefkes, wigs and Naoussa are a perfect example Cycladic architecture and its white houses, narrow streets and blue-domed churches certainly make your heart beat faster.

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The island’s capital city, is a wig, but it’s not only a beautiful city of Paros, in the northern part of the island is the picturesque town of Naoussa, which is famous for its romantic atmosphere and Venetian architecture. Naoussa is also famous for its nightlife – Anglers around the port city located bars, delicious fish taverns and cafeterias, which filled every evening young people eager to have fun.
One of the main attractions of the capital of Paros is the monastery of Panagia Ekatontapyliani, built in honor of the patroness of the city, the name translates as the monastery cloister, having a hundred doors.
Visit also Lefkes mountainous city located in the center of the island. This city was the capital of Paros to the mid-19th century.
The most popular beaches on the island are located in the south-eastern part. Punda busy beach attracts young people for its beach bars not far from the beach are various sandy beaches, which are suitable for a relaxing family holiday, while the Golden Beach and New Golden Beach are popular with water sports enthusiasts. Annually held on the Gold beach world championship windsurfing. Be sure to pay attention to other beaches on the island, such as the beach Kolimbifres, famous for its crystal clear waters, the beach can be reached by bus or by boat from the port of Naoussa.

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Also visit the small island of Antiparos is located opposite of Paros, which is a popular destination for a day trip. You can sail from the port of Parikia, or select any of the private ferries that depart from Punda beach.
Find accommodation on the island would not be difficult, because throughout its territory a large number of big hotels and cozy guesthouses. To help you choose a beautiful hotel, we have prepared a small description of one of the most popular hotels in Paros, the hotel Minois Village Hotel & Spa. This superb hotel is located in the village Parasporos, located near the island’s capital. It offers will be equipped gymnasium, well decorated rooms, which feature a private veranda, TV, free internet access, air conditioning and a small fridge. The hotel also has a swimming pool, cocktail bar, restaurant and spa. The hotel management organizes a free daily transportation to and from the port and airport of Paros. You can also use the hotel’s free parking, and after a preliminary inquiry, you can take with your pet.





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