What to do in Athens

Athens is a city that can satisfy different tastes and the city where there is always something to do. Stroll through the old quarters of the famous historic triangle Plaka-Thission-Psyrri, which still preserves old mansions, some of which are well-preserved, in other time worn. Luxury department stores and small shops, fancy restaurants and traditional taverns, they all have their place in this historic city.
Heart of the city beats in Syntagma Square, where the Parliament building is located and most of the Greek ministries.Areas of Monastiraki, Kolonaki and mountain Lycavitos attract thousands of visitors throughout the whole year, a few kilometers from the historical center, in areas Faliro, Glyfada, Voula and Vouliagmeni, you can enjoy the sea breeze. You can also go to the northern areas of Athens, a stylish neighborhood of Marousi and Kifissia.

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Embark on entertaining bike tour of the center of Athens to the Aegean Sea. Over a leisurely 4-hour tour you will be accompanied by a local guide who will show you the most famous sights of the city. The tour begins in bright areas and Thission Petralona, ​​located close to the Acropolis, and continue through the quiet areas of Athens to the chic harbor district Faliro. Throughout the trip will be made several stops to rest and could photograph sights encountered on your way. Before entering the Faliro, you will see the famous ship Averof, which is an exhibition of naval heritage of Greece.After you pass by beautiful water roads that will lead you to the harbor Faliro, where in one of the many bars you can enjoy a refreshing drink (at your expense). The bike tour will continue through the wonderful park Flisvos, then you will have free time and you can visit any of the coastal taverns or sunbathe on the beach.

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After meeting with the guide you head to the return journey to the center of Athens, excursion around the details can be seen here .
Learn how to cook real Greek dishes on mater-class experienced cook Greek. The master class will be held in the charming historic district of Monastiraki tavern. You learn how to prepare these four Greek appetizers and one main course, and then enjoy the fruits of their labor. The lesson begins with a glass of this Greek cancers, and the dishes that you prepare depends on the seasonal produce available, but always include traditional melitzanopitakiya – delicious cakes with eggplant, tzatziki sauce famous, Greek salad and roasted lamb horyatiki. Number of members of the master class is limited to every student had personal attention and assistance boss. Besides recipes and cooking Greek dishes, you will also learn the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine and everything about traditional Greek spices that are added to most of the dishes, such as lemon and oregano.

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Details of the master class on cooking Greek dishes can be seen here .
Try variety of Greek wines at 1.5-hour tasting led by a local wine expert. Tasting is a restaurant with views of the Acropolis and its over you try 4 brand of Greek wines, each of which will be accompanied by a dish from the restaurant kitchen. You’ll learn all about each variety and about how to make a Greek wine, and after tasting can purchase any of you suggested wines in the store restaurant.

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Details tasting of Greek wines can be found here .

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